Friday, June 27, 2014



              These are the words of the living
Jesus, the living words spoken between
Teacher and disciple, Master and brother,
seeker and the one who has reached the end
of the path... in this Christian realm.
          The Father said: "I am He who is
Alpha and Omega, the Son who sets out to 
find his Father, and the Father who waits 
for his Living Son to return to him...
           But first he waits for us
 to arise in patience and Consciousness...
So that in this new time, the Mind who is
 the completion of Christ, may speak the living words.

       These are the words spoken in the
eternal present.
        This is not an historical gospel,
for history is written by the victors; 
and the Living Words are beyond history.

        These Living Words predate the words of the four
gospels in the "New Testament."
        They are the words of the Living 
          He who has ears to hear,
let him hear. 
           Each man will understand what 
he has the strength to bear.

        "Lesser poets borrow;
great poets steal."
           So  the Lord directed me:
"Make use of my Ultimate
Ability, my one Voice."
          "Grace is not contained in any book.
I am the source of Grace. There is one
Poet only. I am the source of Poetry.
              There is a gathering at the summit of
Mount Zion.  This gathering of saints
 is still flourishing today, as always; 
as the gathering at Vulture's Peak is said to 
continue unendingly, beyond the dictates of time.
               Zion is here, always within you,
once repentance has been done.
Zion is eternal. 
               In the Eternal Present
the holy city lives, shining upon
a hill.
 .                                       *
                     Planet Earth is encircled by
the Consciousness of saints.
Make no mistake, these saints and
bodhisattvas will help you...when you are
 engaged in a noble cause.
          Call out loud your cry for help...
           "Hail to you, holy ones! Hail to you,
 Father of peace! I praise these, Father
at the core of the worlds.
            "And O you brothers and sisters
who have crossed the River to the other
side, however mysterious is the way
you remain alive, aid me... in this my need.
O holy Ones, help me if I am worthy."
        "Father of the gathering clouds,
you source of Grace, 
         You are the purifying spring of immaculate
          Our  home in  chaste heavens, 
guardian of the inviolable truth.
           "I praise thee, holy One, you are the sun
that shines!"

             If you can get in the Spirit... go ahead and 
do it! And the Spirit will get in you! 

        I praise thee, 
        O you who ride the clouds...
        I praise you, as I feel your
strength approaching...
        I am not worthy of you. I am not
worthy of the company of saints, and yet 
here I am -  Here in the miracle of
these words.


            Grace comes to us, as a room brightens
                   as we pray,
             I praise thee, O Holy One,  you have
                   given me this strength 
             To rise again.
              I am empty, but you fill me;
              I am unworthy, you redeem me.
               I am filthy, fresh from the chambers
                    of sin, you shine a light on me.

                How could I not praise you?
                                You are all my strength.

                       As I saw your light shine
                  From my cabin
                   On the hill;
                   You make plain to me
                   The path to the holy city
                    The to redemption.

                    As I take down these words,
                    Your wind refreshes me.
                     It blows through the empty
                            vessel that I am,
                      It blesses me.
                              Because I write your verses
                       You save my life. 


        As we have been before,
         Once again we shall be.
         As we already partake
                of the currents of one sea 
                of tranquillity...
          Follow where the waters lead
          To the heart of the
                 inner fountain. 
          If these words be false in any
way, condemn me....
          But these are the Living Words...


         This time beyond all times contains
                all history.
         There is one MInd, beyond 
                 reason or rhyme,
          One Mind to taste the
                 the mystery.
          One Mind -  holy, purifying, sacred,
                 loving, embracing 
                  from within.

             If you were to find your Name,
             Before your parents were born
                   to give you names...
            "Between heaven and earth
                   I alone exist."
              A Buddhist said this...
              The loving  sacred Mind
                   of the anointed One


            Jesus said:"When you make the two one,
and when you make the inner as the outer,
and when you make the male and the female
into a single one, so that the male will
not be male and the female will
not be female:" 
        "Then your vision will no longer be

This message cannot be heard by the ear,
        touched by the hand. 
Without speaking I send this;
        I send this message to you. 
Without moving a step,
        I carry the fruit to you...
        Can you taste it without opening 
your mouth?
            This fruit which flowers and grows ripe
beyond the fabric of time.
         This  Tree is said to flower every
three thousand years;
          Before and after, there is panic and
          When a voice within  you
speaks the Living Words...
           A thrush sings his mournful note...
           As crimson  dawn is blossoming on the horizon
                       Even so a voice is rising within you.

                          "Whoever is near to Me
so said the Living Son,
              "Is near to the fire."
                             "Whoever is far from Me
is far from the Kingdom."


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