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          It is a  fact that Mind affects reality,
through neurons and sub-atomic particles
mind affects other minds...
          You know how a herd of wild gazelles
make rapid turns avoid the lion, and they
all turn together. They have some hidden
instinct or sense or ability.
          Same thing with a flock of birds.
You've seen them flying west, say, and all
of a sudden the lot of them are
wheeling south.
          It's the same with a school of fish;
they all swerve at the same time.
          We have that same ability,we just
don't use it these days...Or is that true?
Maybe we do use it without admitting it
to ourselves.
          Maybe its part of what we call
intuition. Then we write it off
and don't think about it.
           But this is an important ability.
We can use it to affect the world around us,
and  other people, too.

For example:

          Put two people in the same dark room.
Leave them there for a week. But every
few hours  a light is flashed on just one
of the men.
         Let them sit in the dark together
for quite some time...until they're
used to each other.
         Move one of the men to a distant location.
Let him sit in the dark some more. No lights
just as before. Only he is farther away.
         If you shine a light on one guy, the other
guy has the experience of a light going on.

         Scientists have done this experiment thousands of
times. They find it's almost always true; the man
across the country  sitting in the dark,
he senses the light going on.                                      **
          Mind affects mind, among people,
even at a distance.

         If  person A sees a certain 
reality,and   person B has similar experiences
and they get together and share their experiences...
A comes to have the same vision as B.
B agrees with A. 
        Their minds will start to work together.
Their minds start to  complexify  in the same 
 way of thinking, focus. 
         And person B
shares his insight with person C... and C
comes to see things the same way...
Well, these minds that think alike
 with shared experiences, they are roughly 
like the two men in the dark room.
              We have this telepathic hidden feature in the
back of our brains, our brains have billions
of processes going on all the time, and we are 
aware of something like 3% of the processes of our brain...

              A woman wakes up at 4:00A.M. and starts
to scream. She has a vision of a huge fire in the
mouth of a large hole in the ground.  She calls up
north.  Sure enough, the mine where her son
works has had a fire that started between 3 and 4 A.M...
and her son is trapped below in a cave-in caused by the
            She knew it! And nobody is surprised by this fact,
when this happens and she tells people about it. 
Whether we're aware of it or not, our society
more or less assumes that E.S.P. exists
in our minds during times of heavy stress
involving a loved one.
            A friend of mine died in the middle of the night.
I had a dream that he and I were in a limo, travelling
through an expensive neighbour hood   where we both
used to live.   The man was very happy in my dream.
It felt like we were having a party together. He was
happy to be driving with me and talking.
            I woke up.  Immediately I phoned his daughter,
and registered the time of my dream on her answering
machine.  I checked and, sure enough, he died just a
short time before I had the dream.
            We know telepathy is a fact, especially in times
of stress E.S.P. enters our lives. We're all aware
that things like these happen. We're not very
surprised when we hear about such things....
            Why then would we doubt that we have the
ability to instantaneously turn with the herd,
or like the school of fish?   And if we can do that,
all of a sudden we must see that mental processes
are some kind of energy, an energy  that is a physical force
in the "real world". the world that is external to us.

               If you are  studying sub-atomic
particles, you know that consciousness is not merely
some insubstantial wisp of nothing.
         No. Mind affects the physical world.
Mind affects the behaviour of particles
 invisible to the human eye, 
so much so that a conscious observer
must be figured into any equation describing
the happening.
         The particles behave differently when
someone is observing them.

          What do you think that means?



              I had another 2/3rds of this article. I
just lost it transferring it from one  site
to this one!
              Perhaps it was hubris my talking
about showing how science and religion
do not contradict one another, how they
hold hands, and go to the same dance
together, and dance to reggae music.
           Please excuse this half-finished article...
but if I don't post it,  lose it, too.
 Something's wrong either with my computer,
or the person who's operating it.
          There's a whole bunch more data
that applies to this discussion of the
mind as a physical force in the world.
I forgotten much of it, temporarily.  But
you know I'll the story back to you.
         I was going to bring Teilhard de Chardin's
no-osphere into this story.  What Teilhard says
is: "Matter inevitably complexifies into life.
Life inevitably complexifies into consciousness.
Small "c" consciousness inevitably blossoms
into large "C" consciousness.

Through this process - The earth comes to know itself.  

        As minds grow to full consciousness around 
this planet, as people come to know that 
Mind is the God they've always sought, 
many people will realize Mind together. 
            Mind is Buddha,Mind is Christ. 
Knowing the Mind of the True One is 
to reach the eternal.
          There is only one ultimate Mind, 
though there are many paths.
           It doesn't really matter what name
you give to Mind.

          In my realization,  I was thinking
in Christian terms. So I came to know
the Mind of Christ within me. And as I was
partaking of this Mind, I knew that this
is the Mind that never dies.
           Whatever you call it, this  is
the Mind that lives in the eternal,
is the eternal, the Mind that lives in
everlasting life. The Mind  that sees 
through death. Mind without beginning
or end.
           "Death, where is thy sting?"
This Biblical quotation applies to one who partakes
of Mind, of "Christ Consciousness". 
           I would never die either, so long as
I continued to see through the vision of this Mind.
           In one moment I knew this. It was like
a great implosion had occurred, with
a sound so loud I thought it could be
heard all over the city.
           No one heard a thing.

           In so far as my ego had died,
that's how far I would be able to 
partake in the Mind of God.

           God is Christ and
 Buddha is God, though the Buddhists
do not speak in these terms. They speak
of  "one suchness", or a Mind that is
"not two."
            I imagine Krishna is God, too,
though I am not so familiar with
the Hindu forms of expression.
            "I am he who is of the Same."
The Same and the All are attributes of
the One Who Is Creating Us.

             But here's the scientific fact
I wanted to mention, the scientific reality
I wanted to point out.
           As  small "m" mind becomes 
big "M" Mind, as this happens in more
of us, the whole herd, the entire flock, all
of us will intuit what is happening.
        As more of us intuit that realization exists,
that there is a foundation experience which changes
small "i" identity to capital "I" Identity;
 the feel of this experience, the intuition of it
  will travel like wildfire through the minds of men.
             When a few of us know, it won't
take too long for us all to know. It will just
be a matter of... I don't know how long... 
a century? A few centuries?

             Mind has a different time sense
than men do.

             "Do you reckon 1000 years much?"
... "I am large. I contain multitudes".... "It's
just as lucky to die as to be born, 
and I know it!" ***

"Between heaven and earth, I alone
     exist." ****

             I wish to thank all the saints
and bohisattvas who gave me the spirit
and encouragement to finish this article.
            I want to thank you, Holy One,
O True One who walks among us...
 "Thank you for your Grace, thank you
for your gifts. Thank you  for the strength 
you have given me.
           Without your strength 
I am an empty shell.
           I praise thee, Holy One!  I
praise thee! Thank you for the gifts
you have given all of us.


          There is a metaphor that applies
to Homer's  Odyssey as well as it applies
to the basic archetypes of mankind.
      Telemachus  seeks his father; his father seeks
home...In a similar fashion, Man seeks home, too. 
His real Home is spiritual completion,
 realizing the True One among us.
           The True One reaches out to the man 
 who seeks him, becomes his reflection 
in the glass, and allows him to partake
of His divinity.

            There is one consciousness.
"The eye through which I see God,
is the eye through which God sees 
me. *****

           As it is said in one of the Nag Hammadi

           "He knows and he is known."


           This is the immaculate truth of the Bridal Chamber.                   

* see Teilard de Chardin, "Hymn of the Universe"
** see "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" by Arntz, Chasse, and Vincente     
*** see  Walt Whitman, "Leave of Grass."
**** see books on Buddha.
***** see Meister Eckhart
****** see the Gospel of Philip.

(C)2014 by William G. Milne




                          We've been told a fairy tale and we've
been told to believe it.
        As Heraclitus says,"The past does not exist;
the future does not exist. There is only the present,
and the present, every instant is a birth, an unending
birthing, moment to moment.
         I drank a highly hallucinogenic punch and, in
no time, I found myself clinging to roots of a huge
oak tree in Queen's Park, Toronto, weathering
a massive lightning and thunderstorm with
wild winds and bursts of heavy rainfall.
         It was midnight when the storm started
and I sat there for a long time, thinking
about the nature of reality. Every time a fork
of  lightning hit, I thought I could see the
teeth of Zeus in the lightning.
        When morning came I was soaked,
drenched to the skin, I felt like I had been
on an ocean voyage.
        Walking north to my rooms I watched
the lighted buses heading south taking
the people  downtown to work, people hanging on to
the ceiling hooks of the buses.
         I felt like a total outcast, but it
didn't matter. I was on a mission.
I finally made it to my desk. I threw
my shoes and clothes into the bathtub so they
could drain. Clutching the grain of the
wood on the desk... on a fresh
sheet of paper, I wrote these words:


Then I fell into bed and passed out.
        It doesn't seem like much of
a discovery, but all my life 
I've remembered those words.
         The process is always happening
now. There is never any past or future
to the process.
          The Mind of the One Who Is
Creating Us is always in the present

        He/She/It did not create something then go away
and watch his past tense handiwork from above.
           We all know this is not how the earth works.
Just look at the sub-atomic world - everything is
in constant flux. 
            This is the river you cannot step in twice.
Right before you under your gaze, and right
within you the process is continuing. It
always continues right now.

                More than one person has asked me why 
I stress the word,  'mind' or 'Mind'. 
Why not use words like spirit, soul, faith, belief, 
God etc.
           Well, I do use these  words... but if I
use the word God  I get in trouble for it...
People have no idea what I mean by, 'God"  
I prefer to call this  being, I prefer to
call this Being by other names.
                   Soon as I say, "God", people 
start backing out of the room!
            After what the churches have done,
I do not want to use the same terms the
churches use. I don't want to be
associated with the churches.
      If  I  think in the old terms,
 it messes up my vision of reality.
       Creation never exists in the past

         As Heraclitus says. "The past does not exist;
the future does not exist.  There is only a constant
birthing... existing now.
          "God" did not create something then go away
and watch his past-tense handiwork from above.

        Just look at the sub-atomic world - everything is
in constant flux. It is never the same river.
           Every 7 years all the cells of our bodies
                 The churches of early times  put heretics
to the sword. They also defined   the word. "heretic." 
All the terms of belief were set up by the Empire
 church many many years ago. The tenth legion of Rome 
supplied the necessary muscle - to enforce their
view of reality.

                They  created the  entire fairy tail.... 
 Then they told us how to believe in the
fairy tale!

                And the first part of the fairy tail is this,
the first thing they had to do was  make the Teacher
 so special, so remarkable, so different,
so rare, so exceptional  that no one would 
ever aspire to be Him.
              His attributes were out of this world;
they were unique. He was a distant star and
the early bishops wanted to keep him that
way - DISTANT...  We could follow
what we were told to follow, but only
at a distance.

             Why did He have to be so remarkable?
For this reason only:  He had to become a Commodity
that they could monopolize.
         THEY HAD A PATENT ON HIM! After all
they made him up out of whole cloth; they invented
that fairy tale form of him, so we all could happily
make believe
           If anybody said," Christ is our innermost
nature", that guy would be locked up!

          But I digress. I'm not going to rant and rave 
anymore about the deception that was made out 
of early Christianity. I've said enough

          Today we're going to bring science and religion together,
so that they can hold hands.

           (Please see "Meeting the Man in the Mirror 2)




                    Following on from last night on the subject of
         These are people I've come across, either through
reading or travelling.
          Philip Kapleau, Zen Master, of the Zen Temple
in Rochester. There is no question that he has
realized (experienced satori).
            Padma Sambava - ancient
master of Tibetan Buddhism. This man/saint/god/seer,
if one fifth of what I have read about him is true,
he must be studied. He is one of those characters
who had the ability to look into past lives and future
times as well. There is a tradition that he would 
hide books the world was not ready for, so that
they would be found at such a time as when the book
would be needed and its import could be grasped.
           This is the tradition of the tulku,
in the path known as Tibetan Buddhism. The tulku
is the guy who is going to find the book hidden
by the master...the tulku might appear 200 years 
later to complete the task and retrieve the book
set aside centuries before.
            This might sound like nonsense to you,
but remember these are the Himalayas of the
human Heart-Mind-Soul we're talking about now.
In fact, the word Upanishads means just that.

           One of the sayings from Padma Sambava's
time that I love:  "The secret book could lie
open on the King's Highway, and no one would read it."

           Of course, there is Lao Tzu and his book
"The Way of Life". This book is fluid, like water,
so it's import is hard to grasp, but this is a must

           Other mystic minds from the Himalayas
of human vision -  Meister Eckhart and Heraclitus.

            And there was a Zen Master who taught
in Europe until his recent death. I'll remember
his name soon.

           When you live at the peaks, you see over
birth and death, so there is a continuity to your
vision. This continuity is transcendence.

           It is said there have been many Buddhas.
And there have been many "annointed ones"
called the Christ.
           But these are not different people. Once
a human mind has passed through the Foundation
Experience called "Realization", called "kensho",
also called "satori", an ego death takes place.
The eggshell ego implodes. A new identity is born.
In fact, the ego or old identity becomes  capital "i" Identity.
          If you would know the Eternal, experience
the meaning of the words "eternal life", the
superficial identity within you must perish, and
once you enter into communion with the one
Mind, then you know that death is impossible.
           Put one way, it is only God who lives in the Eternal.
Once you have taken the necessary steps of humility and made  yourself ready for Grace, you may
 enter into holy communion with Him, then you also
live in the eternal realms - you live in that place
where eternal life dwells.
          We call this place heaven. Heaven exists on earth,also.
           To say the same thing in different terms -
saying the same thing, but putting it differently -
there is one Suchness. Once you
attain to the Mind that is the core of the suchness,
you are complete.
            Liberation is yours... but whether it is yours,
or his or hers no longer matters. You have gone
beyond possession. When you have 'reached',
you live in the pure land. You live in a place 
beyond grasping. 


Sunday, March 2, 2014


         This is a difficult subject, but we must speak of it.
It's not discussed enough.
     Truth is - I've been drinking a bit. The academy awards
are on... and I'm not sure I'm up to this subject just now.
I'm a lot smarter in the morning.  In the morning
I'd rather not take on even 1/2 way difficult projects.
In fact, I'd rather not talk at all first thing... And I only
feel like writing after a pot of coffee, reading a tiny bit
of the news, looking
and taking a deep breath of the totally isolating but
deliciously sweet air up here amid northern lakes,
and swirling lights dancing all night long... something
I no longer do very often... stay up all night.
          But I did it last night.
           Now I can write briefly.

          LOOKING LIKE HELL - well, this is simple.
After 50 years of age we all tend to look worse,
year after year. So we all look bad as the double-decades
keep scampering past.
         O.K. This is not news. Gorgeous women wrinkle and shrink... and some say handsome men shrink even more.
This is a given... we all look like shit over time,
despite the fact some of us get more intelligent. More
intelligent, yes, but as I say - some of us and sometimes -
we gain wisdom... Though pretty much we all forget what we
had for breakfast, we all know we look far worse than
we used to, and just maybe we learned a few things...
          But TRANSCENDENCE, this really is the issue.
What is the aim? This is the aim But what do any of us 
mean by this word?
           I have worked on this issue for decades,
let me make a few suggestions. If you are  thinking about 
this thing... Or if you're not... Check out: the Upanishads, 
check out the Gospel of Thomas, Gospel of Philip, 
Gospel of Truth; Walt Whitman, Emerson; the Blue Cliff Record; 
William Blake; Wordsworth.That's all I can think of for now.
               For the next bit, I guess I'll have to wait
for morning.

              What is TRANSCENDENCE? It is vision that
goes beyond dying and sees through death, sees into
Mind. It is vision that knows 'the eternal' which has
no beginning and no end, which sees through birth-and-death
and emerges like the dawn out the other side
of darkness.

               How do you get there? You sit or lie still
and look into yourself. Or you become one with
a lover, until you are one organism with vision -
for this the sex must be slow, tauntingly slow,
Tantric - to see with the one eye beyond the duality
of the two sexes.
               "Until you make the two  one."But this is
difficult and I'm told takes a lot of practice
               To do this - to embody, to become the True One
on earth, focus is needed beyond hunger, despite fear.
Focus is needed into the Mind that  outlasts all
               And what is the point of this? The point is to
taste the Eternal.  And once you taste this?
                You know TRANSCENDENCE.
                 There is something...
                  There is vision...
                   There is a knowing of the unity of man and the
                    earth and all the creatures of the sea, earth
                     and sky.
                     Transcendence is the start of love
                     that is not centred around yourself..
                     Love, beyond grasping.
                     The expanding of love beyond desire.