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            Note:  As a poet I deplore the simplistic rhyme scheme.
                       Remember, though, this was written with
                        sometimes cold and sometimes frozen fingers and a pencil
                         in the wind. The pencils I kept sharpening on the rock,
                          or with a knife I had sometimes in the pocket of my old
                            In my defence, there seems to be fluidity in the vision
                             that moves amid the heavily structured rhyme.
                                          I should also say, this poem could never have
                                been written had I not studied for four years with
                                 Northrop Frye  and had I not been intimately aware
                                   of the argument he was coming to make...
                                    and which was published in his book,
                                     "The Great Code".
                                           Also, had I not known Father David Belyea
                                      and studied with him and talked with him and been
                                        given great encouragement by him with regard to
                                          the beginning passages of the" New Gospel"
                                           which I showed to him. Had he not been my
                                             friend  and had he not appeared on my behalf
                                              at my trial, I would not be here today
                                               to share this poem.

Prayer and salutation:

           "O you saints and Bodhisattvas who encircle
the globe, you who have risen from death
or did not taste death, I hail thee!"
              "I ask you to aid me in this my task,
for I am weak and I can hardly breathe.
I am no longer capable of great discernment.
Help me this morning in revealing
The Song of Truth, written many mornings ago
on the cliff-tops above the waves,
in the dawn, in the mists and cold,
in the wind that froze my fingers."
             "O holy Father, Great One, you who stand
upon the clouds, you who know me, assist me
further in this simplistic task. O I praise Thee,
Great One, God of Israel, God of Abraham and Jacob,
God of William Blake, God of the semites, the gentiles,
the Hindus, the Sufis, God of the Americas
hear my plea."
                "You know my weakness and emptiness.
Fill me, please, with your Grace. For I am
an empty vessel, and I wish to be a host
to your being and your Word."
                 "I pray you, aid your poet in this
time of morning, aid me in this swirling
cloudy dawn, for I have need of you.
Without your Grace I am nothing, without
your Presence in this place
 there is nothing here. So I pray, 'Give me
your strength again Lord, fill me
with the wisdom of your Word.
For I know, as you have said to me:
'Grace is not contained in any book.
Grace is in the power of the Lord.' "


The land will be restored
The castle will be free;
And the Forgetting that is war
Will cease to be.

The Grail Quest is completed
Now there is only One;
The night in the dark chapel has ceased
Now that night is done.

A new Dawn is arising
As it has ever been
Floating beyond the horizon
Of the eyes of men.

A new Dawn is arising
Now the night is done;
For in  the Time of Morning
Everyone will come.

This is the Time of Morning,
Day has finally come;
And after this brightest Morning
The night of Forgetting is done.

For a new Dawn is rising
Amid the heaven and the earth;
And there shall be no Forgetting
After the second Birth.

And death will be forgotten
Men will rise from the sea
When the only begotten Son
Is Known and Seen.

The Father is guileless
He does not lie;
And he has begotten
One who does not die.

And, yes, you may know Him
But to see his Resting Place
Look closely in the mirror
At the lines of your own face;

For yes there is the Kingdom
In heaven and on earth;
And yes there is the Kingdom
Beyond death and birth.

The Father He has spoken
Of His Resting Place;
Others have broken His Words
With bad grace.

But the Father has uprooted
All that Forgetting has gleaned;
And Forgetting is forgotten
And all it hasn't seen.

There is One who is here now
One who ever speaks,
His words rest Eternal
Above thievery.

To you the door may open
If you need the key;
And One whose Words were broken by thieves
Will speak to you freely.

So, come now and be Returning
Now that Forgetting is done;
Come now and be returning
Know the True One.

So come now, be nourished
By the True Fruit of the Tree;
"Come now," says the True Son,
"And eat of Me."

Hear Him now He is speaking
At the Heart of the centuries;
Hear Him and He will give you
His Eternal Peace.

For whoever shall know Him
He no longer need waste his breath;
For whoever shall Know Him
Shall not taste of death.

This is the promise the Son has made,
This is the Father's bequest:
That whosoever shall see the One
Shall not taste of death;

These Words beyond possession
Beyond those possessing to possess;
He who finds the Meaning of these Words
Shall not taste of death.

The Father's Kingdom has arisen
Here upon the earth.
Those of you who will Know these Words
Will Know the second Birth.

Think on the Meaning
Of what is here Revealed
Clear your mind of other thoughts
Empty yourself of other zeals

And receive He who is the Source of Peace
Eat of the Living Son
As He has said: "Eat of Me
And see who you shall become."

"Know yourself, my beloved one,"
So does the True One speak:
"Know Yourself, my beloved,
And you shall know Me."

For "Before Abraham was, I am
Before birth and dying
Before all of these,
I am."

Such is His message to you
Which you may understand
You may join Him in His Resting Place
"Before Abraham was, I am."

There is One who will embrace you
At the heart of Time,
There is One who will embrace you
And delight your Mind.

Partake of this Communion
Enjoy this divine Food;
Join in the Reunion
That Remembering will bring to you.

                                   (C)1980 by the Author
                                        and by W.G.Milne

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ANCIENT GOSPEL FOUND ANEW: THE SECOND COMING OF THE CHRIST: GOD AS WOMAN SPEAKS AT THE CORE - THE MYSTIC QUEST...:            I was scanning the history of the early Christians this morning and these words jumped out in front of me: I am the first...


           I was scanning the history of the early Christians
this morning and these words jumped out
in front of me:

I am the first and the last.
I am the honoured one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin.
I am the mother and the daughter...
I am the barren one
    and many are her sons.

                                      (The Thunder, Perfect Mind)

       Apart from the fact that these words emanate
from a female fount of the godhead, a female
God, these words are strange because
many of these statements are stating paradox,
contradictions... and a truth, a being deeper
than these contradictions.
       Now I am a mystic, not so much a scholar.
The scholarly details do not matter to me
so much - it is the being beneath the words,
the mind arising out of a consciousness
deeper than the mere awareness of 

        This being that transcends individuals,
that is more omnipresent than the subjects
of the contradictions in this poem -
this "being" that is beneath and beyond -
this is what a mystic focuses on...
the deeper meaning. This mind within and
without all things: this knowing the inner
and the outer, the holy and the abomination,
the beauty and ugliness emanating from the
same coin.

       This is what the mystic quest is all
about - and, to be honest - the mystic quest
and the Grail quest I see as being
one and the same thing. Except the
mystic quest does not need to have
any  Christian trappings.
       But the mystic must confront
the sacred, nevertheless: and the mystic
must confront the profane.

        Sometimes, and this can be confusing,
 the sacred and the profane are both
embodied in the same vessel.
        The holy poem mentioned above

I am the solace of my labour pains.
I am the bride and the bridegroom,
and it is my husband who begot me.
I am the mother of my father
    and the sister of my husband,
     and he is my offspring.
 I am the slave of him who prepared me.
I am the ruler of my offspring.
But he is the one who begot me before the time
     on a birthday.
And he is my offspring in due time
     and my power is from him.
I am the staff of his power in his youth,
     and he is the rod of my old age.
      And whatever he wills happens to me.
I am the silence that is incomprehensible...
I am the utterance of my name.

         The poem is a lot longer than this.
I meant to print out only a few verses,
but the beauty and the flow and the magic of it
caught me.

"I am shameless; I am ashamed."

 "Do not be arrogant to me when I am cast out upon 

        the earth,
  You will find me in those who are to come.
 "Do not look upon me on the dung-heap
        nor go and leave me cast out,
        and you will find me in the kingdoms."

         These last few lines remind me very
much of the words of Christ:

"Whoever is cruel and arrogant to the least of these
  poor,  and cast out persons..."

        DOES IT TO ME.

         Once we realize that the godhead can be
found in every and all aspects of life, and
in all places however foul and lowly,
the person there is also the great king...
well... perhaps we will not be so cruel to others
 once we realize we are being cruel to God.

         I got swept away by the poetry of the words...
It is in the very contradictions of this poem
that the mystic truth resides.
         Don't bother trying to approach a mystic
truth with your intellectual mind, you'll
have no luck at all. No, your mind must
penetrate through the contradictions...
in order to find the core, the source
of the fountain.

          If you are trying to catch the fish
in the stream, don't use a bowl.

"Why, you who hate me, do you love me
        and hate those who love me?"

          You can feel the pain in these words,
coming from a woman's heart.


Friday, June 27, 2014



              These are the words of the living
Jesus, the living words spoken between
Teacher and disciple, Master and brother,
seeker and the one who has reached the end
of the path... in this Christian realm.
          The Father said: "I am He who is
Alpha and Omega, the Son who sets out to 
find his Father, and the Father who waits 
for his Living Son to return to him...
           But first he waits for us
 to arise in patience and Consciousness...
So that in this new time, the Mind who is
 the completion of Christ, may speak the living words.

       These are the words spoken in the
eternal present.
        This is not an historical gospel,
for history is written by the victors; 
and the Living Words are beyond history.

        These Living Words predate the words of the four
gospels in the "New Testament."
        They are the words of the Living 
          He who has ears to hear,
let him hear. 
           Each man will understand what 
he has the strength to bear.

        "Lesser poets borrow;
great poets steal."
           So  the Lord directed me:
"Make use of my Ultimate
Ability, my one Voice."
          "Grace is not contained in any book.
I am the source of Grace. There is one
Poet only. I am the source of Poetry.
              There is a gathering at the summit of
Mount Zion.  This gathering of saints
 is still flourishing today, as always; 
as the gathering at Vulture's Peak is said to 
continue unendingly, beyond the dictates of time.
               Zion is here, always within you,
once repentance has been done.
Zion is eternal. 
               In the Eternal Present
the holy city lives, shining upon
a hill.
 .                                       *
                     Planet Earth is encircled by
the Consciousness of saints.
Make no mistake, these saints and
bodhisattvas will help you...when you are
 engaged in a noble cause.
          Call out loud your cry for help...
           "Hail to you, holy ones! Hail to you,
 Father of peace! I praise these, Father
at the core of the worlds.
            "And O you brothers and sisters
who have crossed the River to the other
side, however mysterious is the way
you remain alive, aid me... in this my need.
O holy Ones, help me if I am worthy."
        "Father of the gathering clouds,
you source of Grace, 
         You are the purifying spring of immaculate
          Our  home in  chaste heavens, 
guardian of the inviolable truth.
           "I praise thee, holy One, you are the sun
that shines!"

             If you can get in the Spirit... go ahead and 
do it! And the Spirit will get in you! 

        I praise thee, 
        O you who ride the clouds...
        I praise you, as I feel your
strength approaching...
        I am not worthy of you. I am not
worthy of the company of saints, and yet 
here I am -  Here in the miracle of
these words.


            Grace comes to us, as a room brightens
                   as we pray,
             I praise thee, O Holy One,  you have
                   given me this strength 
             To rise again.
              I am empty, but you fill me;
              I am unworthy, you redeem me.
               I am filthy, fresh from the chambers
                    of sin, you shine a light on me.

                How could I not praise you?
                                You are all my strength.

                       As I saw your light shine
                  From my cabin
                   On the hill;
                   You make plain to me
                   The path to the holy city
                    The to redemption.

                    As I take down these words,
                    Your wind refreshes me.
                     It blows through the empty
                            vessel that I am,
                      It blesses me.
                              Because I write your verses
                       You save my life. 


        As we have been before,
         Once again we shall be.
         As we already partake
                of the currents of one sea 
                of tranquillity...
          Follow where the waters lead
          To the heart of the
                 inner fountain. 
          If these words be false in any
way, condemn me....
          But these are the Living Words...


         This time beyond all times contains
                all history.
         There is one MInd, beyond 
                 reason or rhyme,
          One Mind to taste the
                 the mystery.
          One Mind -  holy, purifying, sacred,
                 loving, embracing 
                  from within.

             If you were to find your Name,
             Before your parents were born
                   to give you names...
            "Between heaven and earth
                   I alone exist."
              A Buddhist said this...
              The loving  sacred Mind
                   of the anointed One


            Jesus said:"When you make the two one,
and when you make the inner as the outer,
and when you make the male and the female
into a single one, so that the male will
not be male and the female will
not be female:" 
        "Then your vision will no longer be

This message cannot be heard by the ear,
        touched by the hand. 
Without speaking I send this;
        I send this message to you. 
Without moving a step,
        I carry the fruit to you...
        Can you taste it without opening 
your mouth?
            This fruit which flowers and grows ripe
beyond the fabric of time.
         This  Tree is said to flower every
three thousand years;
          Before and after, there is panic and
          When a voice within  you
speaks the Living Words...
           A thrush sings his mournful note...
           As crimson  dawn is blossoming on the horizon
                       Even so a voice is rising within you.

                          "Whoever is near to Me
so said the Living Son,
              "Is near to the fire."
                             "Whoever is far from Me
is far from the Kingdom."


Tuesday, May 20, 2014



                  These are the words of Jesus, the Christ, the
holy or Anointed One.
          The  words in the title of this article comes from the Gospel of Thomas, which many scholars  have concluded is the Source gospel of the gospels that appear in the Bible.
          The fact that Thomas is older is apparent
as soon as you  first read the gospel for yourself.
There is no finely honed narrative line about the
life of Jesus.
          Not much of a story at all, compared to
the Bible gospels. As Northrop Frye kept
repeating to our seminar group - "The narrative
form is a later literary form."

          In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus speaks
most of the parables we come to know later in the 
Biblical gospels. But there is almost no
 story-telling narrative
          The narrative line that fills the later gospels,
Matthew, Mark. Luke and John,
 scarcely exists in the Gospel of Thomas.
         What you have in Thomas is a series of
question and answer sessions, rather like the
sessions we read about in early zen books.
The monk, the seeker asks a question. The 
master makes an answer - but it is never
an intellectual answer.
           The teacher might give you a slap,
 hit you with a stick, or say something that sounds like nonsense at the time...But he's not about
to explain anything to you. He understands
very well that the "truth" can never be
explained: it must be Known ( not thought
about). It must be experienced.
          It is the same situation with Jesus Christ
and his disciples in the Gospel of Thomas.
For example, a disciple asks: "Master, 
where is the kingdom of heaven?"
          And the teacher answers, "If you go to the sky,
the birds will precede you. If you search for heaven 
in the sea, the fish will precede you... ...  
But the kingdom of heaven is within you.
 And the Kingdom  is spread out upon the earth, and men see it not."

          Quick and to the point. It is difficult to
misinterpret many of the statements made in the 
Gospel of Thomas.

           Of course, those  who insist on
pushing forward their own point of view can
misinterpret anything.

           The emphasis that the Empire Church
has put on the message of Christ is that Jesus
Christ is SO SPECIAL  none of us can be
like him.
           Well, it is said he was the son of God
and he came from a virgin birth, and he performed miracles, and there was a star in the East. The
same thing was said of Mithra and too many
other god-kings to mention...

             But why is it stressed that the Christ is
so 'special?' For this goes exactly against His
              Why? Why did they re-create the attributes
of the Christ so as to make him unattainable in our minds,
unreachable as the basic goal of meditation.
               You can't REALIZE THE CHRIST within you...  If he is made to be  a water-walking, storm-calming,
from -the- dead- raising, demon-expelling heroic
action figure. Like GI Joe. 
               We all know these TV action figures do
impossible feats, which are fun to watch but which
we never try to do ourselves.
                But G.I. Joe is a plastic doll.... a toy that
kids can play with at the kitchen table as mother is
making breakfast...I'm surprised they didn't make
their version of the Christ into a plastic hero doll...
... Oh, no! I forgot... they did!

              What happens if the Christ is made out
to be such a hero? Well... then he can beMONOPOLIZED
and  sold as you  sell a product. Christ, as he
has come down to us,  He has been packaged,
shelved, and given a brand name -
he has been patented. And you'd better not infringe
the patent!
              You see the point?

               Now a certain smallish group of
people have been restricting access to this unique
big time hero doll that no one else can hope to emulate.

Because he is so unique, and also He is the Source of Truth, which the whole world wishes
to partake of....and if he is so special, so
unique...  ...   ... well, people will pay anything
to get a piece of the action. 
          It becomes a mercenary situation.
          You wish to attain forgiveness. You
must pay for forgiveness... and I could go on
for a long time about the different ramifications
of all the wrongs that have been done.
            OK! OK!  But this kind of belly-aching doesn't help much. What helps is if someone lays
down how it really works... what is the essence
of what this great healer emerging out of the Essene community, the Teacher of Righteousness,
what is the essence of what he is saying?

             The essence is this: "When you
realize 'what it is', what I am.  this truth that I embody,   when you come to Know me, you
will know yourself.  For what I am you shall be,
and the hidden things will be revealed
to you..."
             In other words, there will be nothing
hidden to you.
               Another way of putting it is: 


      This is the important point. This is the truth that is told in the earliest gospels... Christ: "I am as close to you as your very breath."



These are  some of the earliest recorded
(copied down) words of Christ.
       The saviour who says these words is not an
action figure.  And He doesn't exist in the past.
 He exists right here and now. And this very moment he sits right beside you, "As close to you as your very breath."

        It is important that in this country we get
these basic facts right... that we get the straight
goods.  We have been told a fairy tale for too
          This is serious business!  This is life or
death... of our people and of our culture. 
           We rise or fall as a people in so far
as we attain this basic realization.


             When you go into the woods with your
close friends and you light a fire and you drink
some wine and you eat whatever mind-rocking
indigenous plants are available, and you look
into the fire....and you clear your mind... this
is the voice that is speaking out of the fire.
             The voice is here and now. God
is within you. Christ is your ultimate nature.
Come to this voice inside yourself... and you
will have found the Key to life eternal.


           The I AM existing in  

            I AM THAT I AM 

This is the voice that speaks within you.          

The  I AM in: 


This is the voice that speaks within you.
And if you listen very carefully, and if you
discard all your preconceptions, you will
Realize this voice... And the world will change
for you.

              When we touch the sacred nature
of the holy path of the real God, when we hear
His voice, when we taste him in the smoke
of the peace pipe of your circle, when
the sanctity of the One who is 
creating all things caresses you... you will not
need any other caress, for you realize
that all affection comes from the same Source...

             And I praise thee, O holy One, you
are the source of all our strength.You are
 all our love...I praise thee...
the God of Jacob, the God of Abraham, 
the One who rides the clouds, the One who speaks from
on high, the Lord of the Meeting Rivers, the
Lord of all the countries of the earth, like sands
of the seas, this is the ancient holiness that you
partake of. This is the holiness that is immaculate
and new.
          This is the gift I bring to you.

          "He was nailed to a tree and he became
the fruit of the Knowledge of the Father. The
fruit did not, however, cause destruction
because it was eaten, but to those who ate it,
it gave cause to become glad in the discovery.
and he discovered them in himself, and they
discovered him in themselves."
                                           The Gospel of Truth 
          There really was a Teacher of Righteousness
emerging out of the Essene community. The
Essene people were great healers, and this man in particular was a great teacher and healer. This
man was crucified  in 65 B.C.

           This is a true, historical figure.


             Taste the vision of the ancients,
the vision that is holiness, the vision
that manna gives to  wanderers in the desert.
              We are walking in the desert,
even know. For life without the Knowledge
of God is a desert, make no mistake.
               Without this Knowledge
We walk in the valley of death, alone.
We walk in the wilderness, far from our
             Until Vision is awakened
within us... and when vision awakes
within us, we see we are in the holy city
and we have always been in the holy city.

         When things become wrong,
evil, lost... this is when we are living in
ignorance. We have forgotten that the holy
altar  exists. And there are meanings to
be achieved within it, within the circle
of the holy tabernacle of God... 
          Meanings that have been with us
from the beginning.

            This is the Second Coming of Christ,

            "And he shall be as I am, and I shall be he."

       The  NEW  Christ Consciousness arising from the miraculous find  at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1945... 2000 years after the crucifixion: He has come again.              

            "Whoever finds the explanation of these
words will not taste death"
                                       The Gospel of Thomas. 

This is the promise our Christ gives us.

(C)2000-2016 by William G. Milne

Thursday, May 15, 2014




A friend asked me - 'what is my target audience?'

Truth is, I don't think of a target audience. I know I'm communicating

with you. I don't know exactly who you are... but I write a lot of wild

stuff... So you must be a little wild yourself and have a broad range of

interests, if your're reading my stories.

The last article was about the sexuality of older people, ie: Elmer, when I

drove him into town to get supplies. Elmer lives in the Great Beyond. He has no neighbours.

         I like going to his place because he has 12 big plastic barrels you can beat on as


         I did this the other day.

On a calm morning the drums resound over the lake and echo in the hills

on the other side of the lake. Once I get into it, I start chanting as well

and I can feel every blockage in my body being blown clear.... all veins and arteries being blown clean,any tension,

any anger, any hatred - you can howl it out, you can chant these feeling out and away into the hills...

chanting until you are singing at the very Eye of the world.

        This is how it feels.

         There's nothing but bush in all directions, forest, trees, scrub oak, poplar,

birches, racoons and bees. They all hear me. The otters and the red squirrels, and

the muskrats, the bears and the smaller weasels.

I guess the fish hear the drums, also. I have to assume they

like the drumming also... but, who knows?

        "There's a Natural Mystic flowing through the air." *  And in the drums also,

 and in the silence that reigns afterwards.

          The drums get the ravens flying around a bit, as if I'm disturbing them.

But when I sat down against a big white pine, when I had finished one time,

I looked up to the top of the tree I was leaning against. And a bunch of ravens

were sitting quietly in the top branches, right behind me.

So I guess I didn't annoy them too much.

( Maybe the ravens are my target audience. No, that's nonsense.

Ravens don't read. But each bird, I'm told, can remember about 200 hiding

places... They don't read now.... But anything's possible in the future. )

* line in a Bob Marley song

Respectfully submitted,


Monday, April 7, 2014


                  If we are going to prepare an honest account,
I think it is necessary to included an account
of  the realization experience.
         A Japanese writer referred to this experience
as, "The  foundation experience". I understand
what he means by this term. After you have this
experience, you are standing on a different 
floor. Before the experience, the floor you stood
on was the floor of the ego. Everything circles
around the eggshell sphere of you own special
        But once the eggshell implodes, the foundation
of your ego existence has disappeared. Realization
is the only experience which changes a person's
identity. After the experience, you are no longer
'special' in the sense you were before. You are
special because you are at one with the earth
and the universe, and the universe is blossoming.
There are no problems whatsoever, you realize.
         There is only the present and the present
is a continuous birthing. As people, we have
endless difficulties, but, as the universe,
you see that all the world is a joyful

         I'm making the process sound easy,
but it is not. It is a devotion in love, attention,
concentration, focus, costing not less
than everything.
         There is no need to travel to a distant
land to find the meaning of the experience.
Redemption, Realization are within the grasp
of your own hand.
         But it is not an experience you will
ever find through grasping.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


Saturday, March 8, 2014



          It is a  fact that Mind affects reality,
through neurons and sub-atomic particles
mind affects other minds...
          You know how a herd of wild gazelles
make rapid turns avoid the lion, and they
all turn together. They have some hidden
instinct or sense or ability.
          Same thing with a flock of birds.
You've seen them flying west, say, and all
of a sudden the lot of them are
wheeling south.
          It's the same with a school of fish;
they all swerve at the same time.
          We have that same ability,we just
don't use it these days...Or is that true?
Maybe we do use it without admitting it
to ourselves.
          Maybe its part of what we call
intuition. Then we write it off
and don't think about it.
           But this is an important ability.
We can use it to affect the world around us,
and  other people, too.

For example:

          Put two people in the same dark room.
Leave them there for a week. But every
few hours  a light is flashed on just one
of the men.
         Let them sit in the dark together
for quite some time...until they're
used to each other.
         Move one of the men to a distant location.
Let him sit in the dark some more. No lights
just as before. Only he is farther away.
         If you shine a light on one guy, the other
guy has the experience of a light going on.

         Scientists have done this experiment thousands of
times. They find it's almost always true; the man
across the country  sitting in the dark,
he senses the light going on.                                      **
          Mind affects mind, among people,
even at a distance.

         If  person A sees a certain 
reality,and   person B has similar experiences
and they get together and share their experiences...
A comes to have the same vision as B.
B agrees with A. 
        Their minds will start to work together.
Their minds start to  complexify  in the same 
 way of thinking, focus. 
         And person B
shares his insight with person C... and C
comes to see things the same way...
Well, these minds that think alike
 with shared experiences, they are roughly 
like the two men in the dark room.
              We have this telepathic hidden feature in the
back of our brains, our brains have billions
of processes going on all the time, and we are 
aware of something like 3% of the processes of our brain...

              A woman wakes up at 4:00A.M. and starts
to scream. She has a vision of a huge fire in the
mouth of a large hole in the ground.  She calls up
north.  Sure enough, the mine where her son
works has had a fire that started between 3 and 4 A.M...
and her son is trapped below in a cave-in caused by the
            She knew it! And nobody is surprised by this fact,
when this happens and she tells people about it. 
Whether we're aware of it or not, our society
more or less assumes that E.S.P. exists
in our minds during times of heavy stress
involving a loved one.
            A friend of mine died in the middle of the night.
I had a dream that he and I were in a limo, travelling
through an expensive neighbour hood   where we both
used to live.   The man was very happy in my dream.
It felt like we were having a party together. He was
happy to be driving with me and talking.
            I woke up.  Immediately I phoned his daughter,
and registered the time of my dream on her answering
machine.  I checked and, sure enough, he died just a
short time before I had the dream.
            We know telepathy is a fact, especially in times
of stress E.S.P. enters our lives. We're all aware
that things like these happen. We're not very
surprised when we hear about such things....
            Why then would we doubt that we have the
ability to instantaneously turn with the herd,
or like the school of fish?   And if we can do that,
all of a sudden we must see that mental processes
are some kind of energy, an energy  that is a physical force
in the "real world". the world that is external to us.

               If you are  studying sub-atomic
particles, you know that consciousness is not merely
some insubstantial wisp of nothing.
         No. Mind affects the physical world.
Mind affects the behaviour of particles
 invisible to the human eye, 
so much so that a conscious observer
must be figured into any equation describing
the happening.
         The particles behave differently when
someone is observing them.

          What do you think that means?



              I had another 2/3rds of this article. I
just lost it transferring it from one  site
to this one!
              Perhaps it was hubris my talking
about showing how science and religion
do not contradict one another, how they
hold hands, and go to the same dance
together, and dance to reggae music.
           Please excuse this half-finished article...
but if I don't post it,  lose it, too.
 Something's wrong either with my computer,
or the person who's operating it.
          There's a whole bunch more data
that applies to this discussion of the
mind as a physical force in the world.
I forgotten much of it, temporarily.  But
you know I'll the story back to you.
         I was going to bring Teilhard de Chardin's
no-osphere into this story.  What Teilhard says
is: "Matter inevitably complexifies into life.
Life inevitably complexifies into consciousness.
Small "c" consciousness inevitably blossoms
into large "C" consciousness.

Through this process - The earth comes to know itself.  

        As minds grow to full consciousness around 
this planet, as people come to know that 
Mind is the God they've always sought, 
many people will realize Mind together. 
            Mind is Buddha,Mind is Christ. 
Knowing the Mind of the True One is 
to reach the eternal.
          There is only one ultimate Mind, 
though there are many paths.
           It doesn't really matter what name
you give to Mind.

          In my realization,  I was thinking
in Christian terms. So I came to know
the Mind of Christ within me. And as I was
partaking of this Mind, I knew that this
is the Mind that never dies.
           Whatever you call it, this  is
the Mind that lives in the eternal,
is the eternal, the Mind that lives in
everlasting life. The Mind  that sees 
through death. Mind without beginning
or end.
           "Death, where is thy sting?"
This Biblical quotation applies to one who partakes
of Mind, of "Christ Consciousness". 
           I would never die either, so long as
I continued to see through the vision of this Mind.
           In one moment I knew this. It was like
a great implosion had occurred, with
a sound so loud I thought it could be
heard all over the city.
           No one heard a thing.

           In so far as my ego had died,
that's how far I would be able to 
partake in the Mind of God.

           God is Christ and
 Buddha is God, though the Buddhists
do not speak in these terms. They speak
of  "one suchness", or a Mind that is
"not two."
            I imagine Krishna is God, too,
though I am not so familiar with
the Hindu forms of expression.
            "I am he who is of the Same."
The Same and the All are attributes of
the One Who Is Creating Us.

             But here's the scientific fact
I wanted to mention, the scientific reality
I wanted to point out.
           As  small "m" mind becomes 
big "M" Mind, as this happens in more
of us, the whole herd, the entire flock, all
of us will intuit what is happening.
        As more of us intuit that realization exists,
that there is a foundation experience which changes
small "i" identity to capital "I" Identity;
 the feel of this experience, the intuition of it
  will travel like wildfire through the minds of men.
             When a few of us know, it won't
take too long for us all to know. It will just
be a matter of... I don't know how long... 
a century? A few centuries?

             Mind has a different time sense
than men do.

             "Do you reckon 1000 years much?"
... "I am large. I contain multitudes".... "It's
just as lucky to die as to be born, 
and I know it!" ***

"Between heaven and earth, I alone
     exist." ****

             I wish to thank all the saints
and bohisattvas who gave me the spirit
and encouragement to finish this article.
            I want to thank you, Holy One,
O True One who walks among us...
 "Thank you for your Grace, thank you
for your gifts. Thank you  for the strength 
you have given me.
           Without your strength 
I am an empty shell.
           I praise thee, Holy One!  I
praise thee! Thank you for the gifts
you have given all of us.


          There is a metaphor that applies
to Homer's  Odyssey as well as it applies
to the basic archetypes of mankind.
      Telemachus  seeks his father; his father seeks
home...In a similar fashion, Man seeks home, too. 
His real Home is spiritual completion,
 realizing the True One among us.
           The True One reaches out to the man 
 who seeks him, becomes his reflection 
in the glass, and allows him to partake
of His divinity.

            There is one consciousness.
"The eye through which I see God,
is the eye through which God sees 
me. *****

           As it is said in one of the Nag Hammadi

           "He knows and he is known."


           This is the immaculate truth of the Bridal Chamber.                   

* see Teilard de Chardin, "Hymn of the Universe"
** see "What the Bleep Do We Know!?" by Arntz, Chasse, and Vincente     
*** see  Walt Whitman, "Leave of Grass."
**** see books on Buddha.
***** see Meister Eckhart
****** see the Gospel of Philip.

(C)2014 by William G. Milne