Sunday, May 7, 2017


“Oh, you Saints and Bodhisattvas! I hail thee! Aid me now, please, I  can’t finish this passage without your help. You know this to be true.”

“Oh, Holy Father, you are the Lord of Hosts, God of Israel and Albion – You who breathe joy into my spirit and my soul… you who are at the heart of me –

Lord of the Meeting RIVERS,  You of the red earth of the Indus plains, You of the Caribbean… of the Mother of my Love, You who are Grace to all things earthly, and all sphere’s beyond the earth. You who give me all my strength; you know I have no strength without you.


you who rouse me from my sleep and show me  the beauty of women once again.

You who lift me from my solitude, you who carry me to the sweet and bubbling waters that flow straight into me from the mouth of your transcendent Son.

You who show me mercy, you who led me to your

miraculous,transcendental, eternal Son, You who have shown His Mind to me…

You who teach me the joyous meaning of ‘“FOREVER”… You who have set me free…You who lead me  to sit by the still waters… You who lead into the meaning and core of Your TrinitY…You who teach me the Truth, You who return my home to me — You who make me glad and show me the Mystical value of your Sun rising and falling around me —You who love me more than I ever could love myself, you who cleared the Path for me — so that now I  clear the Path for others,

especially so I may make straight the way for our Youth, those of us who will build a renewed Nation, those who will Quest and find you, because of the sign posts we set out and which you sanitize and bless today – signs for those courageous pilgrims and heroes who will sail the seas of Your terror, the path way to the site of your foundation experience, Realization which transcends the centuries… You who are my soul, you who bathe me in the sunlight of your Eternal Spirit, You in whom Grace resides,

the only place where Grace can ever be, you who are the Mind of God. You who teach your Mind to me, so that others may learn through your power, the strength that you bequeath to me… you who are my God, the only One to me… You who are The One Who Is Creating Us, I praise Thee. I praise Thee, O holy Lord, I praise Thee forever, now and hereafter, I praise Thee to the heights, that all the world might be blessed so as to praise Thee. I have no strength of my own – only the strength through which you have carried me.

               I thank you, Lord of Hosts, for you are Father to me. You are my Soul.

Whatever gifts I have, you have given me.I am nothing without your strength . All I am you have given me. In my hand you place the infinite meanings; in my hand you have displayed eternity.

O Holy One, I praise Thee.

(C) 2017 by the Author through the hand of

           W. G. Milne